Digital Cinema Package



Baltic Disc’s sister company BOD Group offers new services of Digital Cinema Lab.


Nowadays almost all cinemas are digitalised. It means that the majority of films have to be converted into a digital format.


Professional team at the BOD Group Digital Film laboratory which is equipped with the state of the art technology offers you a full range of services – the Digital Cinema Package (DCP).


Digital cinema is a digital technology for film distribution and display in the cinemas, which uses special servers and digital projectors instead of the old “tape/film” projectors.


To play a film in a digital cinema you need a special package of files called Digital Cinema Package (DCP). The film copies are presented to the cinemas in the external hard drives with a USB connector.


BOD Group ensures the quality of services and data confidentiality according to the  official certificates.


It doesn’t matter if there is a full-length 3D movie or short promotional video – the BOD Group is always ready to help you.


Our service is fast and efficient. According to your need we provide the following services:


Mastering of DCP and DCDM content

Re-mastering of DCP content by using DKDM keys

Importing and installing of audio files and subtitles into a DCP video

DCP encoding, encryption

DCP decoding into mpeg, Bu-ray, j2c sequence, etc.

Blu-ray content transfer into DCP

Generating KDM (Key Delivery Message) security keys for servers

DCP cloning

Process control

Quality control


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us any time. BOD Group professional team will provide you all information you need.


For more info please contact Mr. Saulius Grinkas